Introducing, Drive.



We’re excited today to announce the release of our first internal project – Drive!

Drive is a driving companion app that makes using your iPhone in the car much easier and importantly, safer! Drive makes it easier to listen to your music, make quick calls and send text messages with just a few taps or gestures. Drive also monitors your current location, so you always know where you are.

Drive uses the iPhone’s powerful gesture system to make it easier to interact with your music library while in the car. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to play/pause, swipe left or right to change tracks and adjust the volume by swiping up/down with two fingers. It’s as easy as that – no little buttons to aim for or any functionality overload — you are in the car after all!

Drive app

This is just a fun project for us at the moment; we designed, built and tested the app in just a little under two weeks but we’ve put what we believe is a pretty solid first version out there. The app is iOS6 compatible and has been optimised for the iPhone 5′s 4 inch display.

We do have a growing list of plans for feature updates that just didn’t make the first release (new iOS Maps/Navigation integration, landscape support – the others are secret!). Some of these will take longer to implement than others,

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so please be patient with us as we continue to make Drive even better. Follow @Create_DM on twitter to stay up-to-date on the app and find out what else we’re up to.

Available nowDrive IconDrive
Available now for just £1.49


  1. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    11 October at 10:23pm

    I’m so proud of the whole team for creating Drive.

    It’s lovely when one of the apps you made for yourself can be shared with the whole wide world.

    Bravo guys!

  2. Justin Erswell

    Justin Erswell

    11 October at 10:33pm

    Ditto, it has been great to be a part of this process and the end result is so great that I am super excited to get into the next internal project.

    Thanks guy’s we have done it!

  3. Alex Cole

    Alex Cole

    11 October at 11:54pm

    Wow great idea! Downloading now!

  4. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    12 October at 12:05am

    Thanks Alex! :)

  5. Susie


    12 October at 06:26am

    Looking forward to trying this tonight on a trip west! It definitely has the Create ‘feel’ in its design. Well done!

  6. Torben


    13 October at 09:56am

    Good job. Beautiful design, clear structures, unique idear! Best wishes! :)

  7. Paul Stanfield

    Paul Stanfield

    15 October at 10:41pm

    Really great app, love the design and the usability is great.

    Also think the clock feature works well as a bedside clock, perhaps something to think about for future apps?

  8. Chris


    17 October at 07:05pm

    Looks like a great app at a bargain price, just downloaded and trying it out

  9. Sanne


    19 October at 09:08pm

    Hi guys,

    My brother noticed this, you’ve probably seen this already:

    Good luck!

  10. Colin Seagull

    Colin Seagull

    20 October at 05:27pm

    Nice approach, I use it whenever I drive on my own. A few ideas to improve the usability: The button to get back to the main menu is too small. Maybe swiping over the location area would be better. The contact picture and a symbol for mobile and other types would make the selection easier. There should be no or not such a small button to confirm an outgoing call.

  11. Ton


    22 October at 02:13pm

    Love the app! Most of all a brilliant concept. But the execution could be better. As Colin said: the back button is way to small. And my swipes bring up a new album instead of a new track. And a two finger left/right swipe controls the volume too. Also: if I prep a message to send to someone when I’m driving I want that message to be send straightaway instead of opening a New message window where I’ve got to hit the send button. That defies the whole purpose of a predefined message. Same goes for the outgoing call. If it’s too easy to accidentaly tap the screen it may be better to implement doubletap as a send mechanism.

    One last thing: hope a future update will support landscape mode, as that’s my favorite ‘in the car’ mode (with navigation mostly).


  12. Ton


    22 October at 05:07pm

    Pardon my ignorance. Landscape mode ís on the todo list already. Hope it turns up soon.

  13. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    22 October at 05:33pm

    Thanks for the great feedback and kind comments everyone!

    We’ve tried to fold as many of the comments into our new and improved feedback area forum as we could but please add more, get voting and commenting. :)

  14. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    22 October at 05:43pm

    @Ton Thanks for the great feedback, please do add your ideas to the feedback area, I’d love to hear about each of them in more detail.

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