Colin the Coastguard


Today I’m very excited to announce a wonderful new suite of 7 iPad apps we’ve developed for our friends at Kittiwake.

We’ve worked hard to keep the books simple, with a young audience in mind we wanted to remove as many unnecessary distractions and navigation elements as we could.

The Colin the Coastguard books aren’t just about their great stories, they’re also designed to help young children learn and develop their cognitive skills. Each book concludes with a Search Mission comprising a set of questions to which the young reader is encouraged to find the answers, peppered throughout the book.

The growing Colin the Coastguard series is today comprised of 4 story books, the first of which is available in 4 different languages. The stories are all beautifully written and illustrated, and are available on the iPad for just £2.99 each, today!

Start building your Colin the Coastguard collection right now!

Available nowColin Rescues Slippy IconColin Rescues Slippy
English Language

Available nowFrisky Falls Overboard IconFrisky Falls Overboard
English Language

Available nowAbbie is Stranded IconAbbie is Stranded
English Language

Available nowMistie Goes Sailing IconMistie Goes Sailing
English Language

Available nowColin yn Achub Slippy IconColin yn Achub Slippy
Welsh Language

Available nowColin a saw Slippy IconColin a saw Slippy
Cornish Language


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