Peter’s Mission Accomplished


Not so long ago I asked Peter to join me on an adventure, one which would take him from his university job in Staffordshire, to the caffeine-fuelled startup culture of a young app company, here in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells. He of course jumped in with both feet and over the past year Peter’s been the best co-founder anyone could ever hope for.

In what feels like the blink of an eye, 12 gruelling months have elapsed and what was just an idea is now a living, breathing, reality.

Having helped us deal with much of the ‘startup’ work, Peter’s departure comes at a great time for the team; having helped to develop some of our first apps, he’s now ready to stamp his startup adventure, ‘Mission Accomplished’!

The vision we’ve been working so hard to bring to life for the last year is one of love and passion in our work, beauty and craftsmanship in our apps, and a human connection with our clients. With Liam joining me at the helm, and heading up our development activities, we’re producing some of the best work in our industry and I’m immensely proud of that fact.

Peter today begins the next chapter of his life in Northamptonshire with his family and we wish him all of the love and happiness in the world.



  1. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    11 April at 04:12pm

    I’m gonna miss that little guy, no-one’s made me a decent cup of coffee in days! ;-)

  2. Susie


    11 April at 07:00pm

    I will miss you too Peter. The human face of new technology and very easy to work with. Your little dog will ‘star’ in our 2013 guide! xx

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