Liam, Welcome to the Team!


It’s always an exciting day when you add a little extra awesome to the team, but it’s very exciting for me personally to have Liam join the team today.

The two of us first started working together many years ago, both challenging each other in the right way, with a shared obsession with perfection. We both share the same Create DM values: of doing the best work we can, never settling for ‘good enough’ and doing whatever we can to make a ‘finished’ project even better.

As a design driven developer, I know Liam’s passion and skill will help us to achieve great things together.

Liam, welcome to the team!



  1. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    19 March at 06:00pm

    Liam was always on my ‘people I’d love to work with again’ list, and here he is! I’m utterly elated.

    Welcome Liam, let the fun begin!

  2. Liam Moody

    Liam Moody

    19 March at 06:05pm

    Thanks George. I’m very much looking forward to working within the team, making super awesome apps!

  3. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    19 March at 06:09pm

    Yay! One of us, one of us!… :D

  4. Dad


    20 March at 11:24am

    Well done son and good luck!! I’m so pleased about your exciting career move. Does this mean I need to get an iPad? :-)

  5. Alex Cole

    Alex Cole

    20 March at 11:49am

    Congratulations mate!

  6. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    11 April at 04:08pm

    @Liam’s Dad – Absolutely it does ;)

    @Alex – Woopie!

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