Our 1st Birthday


On Friday, we celebrated our very first Birthday and I’m still not quite sure I can believe it’s here already.

In a funny way it feels like only yesterday that Peter & I were sitting cross-legged on the floor of our empty new studio, waiting for our furniture to arrive, basking in the glory of our brand new coffee machine.

Cupcake with Candle

One year later, our furniture has been put to incredibly good use, we rarely sit on the floor anymore, we’ve built a lot of wonderful apps, some of which can be seen in our work section, some we can’t tell you about, many you’ll be seeing very soon. Oh, and that coffee machine? Our best estimate is that she’s dished out 2,839 cups of joe and counting.

This seems like an appropriate moment to say a huge thank you to our incredible team, our wonderful clients, our generous board, and the hugely loving local and international community for your continued love and support.

We’ve got some exciting announcements planned for our second year and I can’t wait to share them with you.



  1. James


    2 April at 12:33pm

    Congratz guys! we’re just coming up to our second year, god knows how, time flies so damn fast!

  2. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    2 April at 12:34pm

    @James – Thanks bud :) It just streams past doesn’t it? I look at everything we’ve done and it looks like years of work but it doesn’t feel like much time has passed at all. Weird.

    Congrats on the 2 year milestone, how exciting! :D

  3. Alex Strasman

    Alex Strasman

    2 April at 12:35pm

    Good works chaps! Wishing you all the best in your second year. If nothing else, keep making great coffee! :D

  4. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    2 April at 12:45pm

    @Alex – Cheers mate, you’re a lovely man you are. Any time you fancy a coffee, you know where we are – I’ll keep a cup ready for you. Give our love to Georgie for us :)

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