Client Learnings #01 – Redevelopment


Naturally, we spend a lot of time chatting with our clients, and who could blame us? They’re a wonderful and fascinating bunch! One thing I wanted to start sharing, from time to time, are quick little observations about the trends and insights which come out of these conversations.

Recently the interest from clients who want us to re-develop their existing app has been huge!

Some have worked with smaller freelancers who didn’t have the necessary combination of design skills and coding competence, or some larger agencies which have churned out apps like commodities down a conveyor belt. One way or another they’ve found themselves with an app made without the love and craftsmanship needed for it to become special.

One of the conversations we have internally here on a regular basis is around one question; ‘When will the decision makers start to understand the importance of getting their app right, not merely having an app?’. Well, it looks like the tide is already starting to turn, clients are starting to realise the importance of design and the user experience, and understanding that the right combination of skill, passion and focus is what’s needed to achieve the right results.

Sure, this is more a learning from mistakes sort of understanding but sometimes in a developing industry that’s the only way.

We’re certanly happy to see so many clients who want us to help them raise the bar with their apps.



  1. Sahil


    18 January at 01:41pm

    Found your blog via premiumpixels, great blog design man loved it!

  2. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    18 January at 01:52pm

    Thanks Sahil! :D

  3. Marissa


    7 April at 10:13pm

    Hi George, I found your website while doing a search for new inspiring front end designer for our startup’s our education app. the way you describe the love of your work as a commitment is fantastic. It’s like a craft that can only produce a product with the highest attention to detail, a sense of responsibility and a nurturing ethos. Regards Marissa

  4. George Hammerton

    George Hammerton

    11 April at 12:27pm

    @Marissa – Thanks very much, I’m very lucky to do the thing I love every day. If there’s anything we can do to help with your new education app please let me know. :)

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