Proud of our work

Create Digital Media was founded on our love of apps. We strongly believe that every mobile app must create a wonderful user experience from start to finish, built with outstanding aesthetic design, beautifully entwined with an elegant, rock solid codebase.

Put simply, we make apps that we’re proud of, that’s why we get out of bed every day.

Meet the team

George Hammerton

George Hammerton

Founder & Managing Director

George sets the tone for all of the work we do. Obsessed with design perfection, George tweaks each app’s UI until the UX is exceptional.

Though he’s rarely away from the studio, you’ll often find him taking photographs with friends, sketching out new designs in Starbucks or out to dinner with his partner, Catherine.

Liam Moody

Liam Moody

Front-End Developer

Our very own UI Beautician, Liam is responsible for implementing the final user interface. His skilled work brings our pixel-perfect designs to life.

Away from the studio you might discover him cooking up a storm in the kitchen, watching the darts with a cold beer, or enjoying the company of his fiancée, Amanda.

Ben Szefler

Ben Szefler

iOS Software Developer

Resident code monkey, Ben lovingly crafts the exemplary code which powers our latest and greatest iPhone and iPad apps.

Playing football in the sun, baking in the kitchen, or juggling in the garden, Ben likes to stay active. In the evening you’ll find Ben enjoying a good film with his girlfriend, Rokki.